Monoband Antennas 6m (50MHz)

On this page you will find:

On this page you will find Monoband antennas for 6m (50MHz). Of course there are more multiband antennas which cover 6m as well.

DIAMOND 6m HB9CV antenna

6m HB9CV

2 element HB9CV for 6m by DIAMOND, compact antenna with high gain.

Modell: A-502HBR
Frequency range: 50-53 MHz
Connector: PL connector
Max. power load (PEP SSB): 400 Watt
Bandwidth: ca.2 MHz (SWR < 1,5:1)
Windspeed max: 144 Km/h
Mastdiameter: 25...56 mm
Elements: 2
Gain: 6,3 dBi
Front/Back ratio: >15 dB
3dB angle: <70 Degrees
Boom lenght: 0,8 m
max. element length: 3 m
Wind surface: 0,14 qm
Turning angle: 1600 mm
Weight: 1,7 Kg
Order No. 11570
Order No.
11570 Diamond A-502HBR 2-El HB9CV 50MHz 76.40 € Buy now

Big Wheel 6m

6m Big Wheel 6m Big Wheel

The "Big Wheel" is a horizontal polarized omni directional antenna. Usually highly directional antennas are used on VHF and UHF, which have the capability to bundle the radiated energy in one direction and eliminate interferences from unwanted directions. But these effects are not always welcome. With directional antennas it is nearly impossible to monitor a frequency for signals from any direction. Usually the directional antenna stays in the direction where the most signals are expected from and some rare contact in an other direction is lost. In such cases the Big Wheel is an ideal antenna which should be used together with a directional antenna.
Big Wheel antennas by WiMo are made of stainless aluminum, all other hardware is made of stainless steel. The antenna gain is approx. 3dBD, each Big Wheel has a N-jack (female). By vertical stacking of two Big Wheels you get a gain of approx. 5dBD. To connect two antennas to one coax feed a usual phasing harness can be used.

Technical Data
Frequency 50-52 MHz
Gain ca. 3 dBD
SWR 1,2 … 1,5
Max. Power 1000 Watt
Impedance 50 Ω
Diameter ca. 3,6 m
Max. Mast diameter 65 mm
Weight 8 Kg
Stacking distance 3800 mm
Connector N connector
Material AlMgSi 0,5, screws all stainless steel
Order No.
18009 Big Wheel 50MHz 121.00 € Buy now

ZX-Yagi 6m

Monoband Yagis for 6m.
Further technical data, pictures and information ZX-Yagi Website

Type No. of
Rotating radius Boom lenght Gain Front/Back-
Weight Windload
Order No.
ZX6-2 2 1.6 0.87 m 6.2 dB -18 dB 4.4 80 11606.2 95.40 € Buy now
ZX6-3 3 1.8 1.87 m 9.1 dB -25 dB 9.0 150 11606.3 159.00 € Buy now
ZX6-4 4 2.1 2.76 m 11.4 dB -28 dB 13.3 200 11606.4 191.90 € Buy now
ZX6-5 5 2.7 4.10 m 12.1 dB -28 dB 14.0 270 11606.5 224.70 € Buy now
ZX6-6 6 3.6 6.40 m 12.5 dB -35 dB 18.0 340 11606.6 288.30 € Buy now

Diamond Vertikalrundstrahler 6m

Although vertical polarized antennas are not permitted in Germany, they are useful for band monitoring during the Es season. Or maybe in your country it is permitted to transmit on 6m with vertical polarisation... The antennas shown here are monoband antennas for 6m only. Diamond offers also multiband verticals for 2m/70cm and 6m (VX-1000, V-2000).

Model: F-61 CP-62 CP-610
Frequency range: 10m
6m 6m 6m
Gain 10m: 3.4 dB
6m: 3,4 dB 5.5 dB 5.5 dB
10m: 5/8
6m: 5/8 2 x 5/8 2 x 5/8
Connector: PL PL PL
Max. Power: 200 W 200 W FM, 500W SSB 200 W FM, 500W SSB
Length: 3,4m 6,8m 6,8m
Max. Wind speed: 125 km/h 125 km/h 125 km/h
Mast diameter: 30 mm - 62 mm
Order Nº: 16020 16022 16023
Order No.
16020 Diamond F-61 Omni 99.00 € Buy now
16022 Diamond CP-62 Omni 167.00 € Buy now
16023 Diamond CP-610 Omni 212.00 € Buy now

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